Prevent Shoplifting Insurance – Is There Such A Thing?

Every retail business owner has a plan to prevent shoplifting, because of the negative effect that it has on profitability.  Despite business owners’ efforts, retail businesses have actually close or relocated because of inventory loss cause by shoplifters.  Because of these reasons, and an attempt to maximize profitability, any investment that is intended to stop shoplifting is measured by the real return on that investment.

There is no insurance policy that I’m aware of that covers shoplifting losses.  Even if there were, the deductible and premium would make it uneconomical.

One of the problems that arise in the effort to prevent shoplifting is the process of identifying the shoplifter.  Shoplifters don’t wear a sign that identifies them as shoplifters, and they come in all shapes, ages, sexes, and sizes.  The fact is that no one can absolutely identify a shoplifter by the way they look or even by the way they act.   Even if they were identifiable by looks or demeanor, they still have to be caught in the act to be sure.  And personal attention from sales staff will certainly deter the shoplifter, but as a practical matter, sooner or later, every shoplifter will have and opportunity to steal.

The most efficient way to prevent shoplifting is to simply keep your merchandise from sneaking out the door in the first place.

This is exactly what EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) is designed to do.

A strategically located Checkpoint security system (Checkpoint Systems are a leader in EAS technology) can provide an invisible barrier to keep your merchandise from being “liberated” by a thief.  The business owner determines what merchandise should be protected and attaches Checkpoint tags or Checkpoint labels to the merchandise.

When the tag that is attached to the merchandise passes through the system at the door with out being removed or deactivated, an alarm sounds, alerting staff (and the shoplifter) that merchandise in need of attention is being removed from the floor.  Just the deterrent factor alone will soon pay for the system.

It’s not insurance, but Checkpoint Security Systems thousands of retailers millions of dollars of inventory loss every day.

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