Prevent shoplifting in a variety of ways – Atlanta Georgia

A business owner wants to do everything he or she can to prevent shoplifting within their business.  Who wants to stand back and watch their products walk out of the doors at the hands of a shoplifter?  Only the business owner that does not wish to remain in business very long.

Establishing a loss prevention program is beneficial to boost profits and prevent loss within a business.  A program can be broad and can include many levels of security.  For example, having high theft items locked up can be part of a loss prevention initiative, as well as having key logs and secure key policies to prevent employee theft.  Having secure keys that access locked cases can also prevent a shoplifter from stealing the keys – and then having access to the jackpot of merchandise.

Your employees can also prevent shoplifting by providing good customer service to all customers, including those that may be intending to shoplift.  A shoplifter can only shoplift if they do not have the attention of store staff, so teaching employees to provide that attention in the form of customer service will go far to prevent shoplifting . The shoplifter will move on to the next business, the one without knowledgeable staff that know how to prevent theft.

I researched the attempted theft of camcorders at a large retailer, by using CCTV.  While the shoplifter was fighting with the package and attempting to remove the merchandise, a manager happened to walk by.

The manager did not see the shoplifter in the nearby aisle, but that is all it took to startle the shoplifter and cause him to abandon the camcorder.

Sometimes, we do not even realize when we prevent shoplifting .

Not every shoplifter is so easily spooked, however.  Working with your employees to prevent shoplifting is one way that a business can reduce this form of shrinkage.

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