Prevent Shoplifting: How to keep merchandise from getting out he door.

One of the most challenging goals of any loss prevention program is figuring out how to keep the merchandise in the store.  The loss prevention departments in some stores are limited in how much they can see at one time.  This creates the need for a subsequent detection and deterrence method.  Many loss prevention departments choose to utilize retail anti theft devices

            These devices include; security tags, clothing alarms and security labels.  These products provide protection for the merchandise that loss prevention is unable to see.  In my many years of working in the loss prevention field I have seen the positive effects of utilizing retail anti theft devices to help prevent shoplifting.

            The best way to prevent shoplifting is to focus on eliminating easy targets.  These easy targets would be the merchandise in the store that does not have a retail anti theft device either attached to it or integrated into the packaging, if the store has an RF security system.  Shoplifters count on being able to be inconspicuous as they steal from you. 

Retailers must remove the shoplifter’s ability to blend among their honest customers.  It is hard for a shoplifter to be inconspicuous when they are trying to improperly remove a security tag from unpaid for merchandise and when they try and exit the store while a clothing alarm is sounding. Getting all the attention is what shoplifters are trying not to do.   The use of anti theft devices forces shoplifters to rethink their plans.

            Keeping unpaid for merchandise in the store is the goal of every retailer.  This goal is made easier by adding retail anti theft devices to your merchandise protection program.  If a retailer is serious about making a profit off the merchandise they sell, they have to prevent shoplifting in their stores.  This is an imperative task that all retailers must take on.

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