Prevent Shoplifting Game Plan

To prevent shoplifting in a retail environment requires a game plan.

Almost everyone agrees that shoplifting is a major problem for retailers, annually costing an estimated $24 to $40 Billion in the US.  It is safe to assume shoplifting affects every retailer in the country to some degree.  In the worst cases, the harm inflicted by thieves is enough to close a business down, especially in tough economic times when businesses have to cut expenses to the bone just to survive.

The means and methods used to prevent shoplifting are varied: customer service training, awareness training, CCTV surveillance, and electronic article surveillance are measures many retailers have incorporated into their business plan.  Still others incorporate store planning, merchandise layout, checkout locations, and merchandise exposure into their strategy.

Shoplifting prevention should be a part of every business owner’s strategy to increase profits by reducing losses.

The retailer’s expertise lies in displaying and selling merchandise.  Retail loss prevention has become a specialty within the industry that contributes a significant effort toward profitability by reducing inventory shrinkage, a major profit killer.  Advice from a competent and experienced retail loss prevention agent can make a huge impact on inventory loss from the receiving door to checkout, everywhere retail loss occurs.  A loss prevention agent will make an invaluable partner in developing a game plan to prevent shoplifting and internal theft and in recommending what investments to make in improving the numbers relevant to inventory shrinkage.

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