Prevent shoplifting from professional thieves – Atlanta Georgia

My employees recently experienced something that we do not experience very often in our business.  They identified some suspicious people and started observing them, as they are trained to do.  They noticed that a male in the group started visiting with an employee, while the female then went to a nearby aisle and started putting merchandise in her purse.  She also put some clothing on under her jacket.  My employees were in a good position to observe this activity, but then the female received a phone call.  She discarded everything she planned to steal and the two left the store, after meeting up with a third person my employees had not seen prior.

While my employees were able to prevent shoplifting in this case, they were frustrated that these individuals were unidentified and may try to “hit” our store again.  I used this situation as a learning tool.  I explained that the third person they did not see until she was exiting was probably a perimeter lookout.  The male’s job was to distract the employee while the other female loaded up on our merchandise.  The perimeter lookout did her job and alerted the concealer that she was being watched, who then discarded the merchandise.  Our business did not suffer a loss and we were able to prevent shoplifting .

In your business, teach your employees to watch out for groups like this.  Employees need to provide good customer service but also be aware that a customer’s intent may be to distract their attention from the job that they are supposed to be doing.  Joint efforts from all employees in your business can go far to prevent shoplifting .

Prevent shoplifting without sacrificing customer service, and you can see your losses decrease.

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