Prevent shoplifting from Organized Retail Crime rings

For those of you who may not know, Organized Retail Crime (ORC) rings account for more dollars lost annually than all other shoplifters combined.  ORC activity costs retailers billions each year and it is increasing rapidly.  Retailers must be aware of theft patterns in their store and take measures to ensure that they are not targeted by ORC groups.

 One major way to prevent shoplifting from ORC groups is to utilize retail anti theft devices.  There are many devices to choose from.  In truth, there is no one answer.  Each business will need to utilize several retail anti theft devices specific to their products and the groups stealing from them.  For example, you may use EAS tags for your standard items and then utilize Keeper Cases or Spider Wraps for specific high dollar and high theft items.  You will also want to consider what items you are applying retail anti theft devices to.  Not everything needs an EAS tag or needs to be in a Keeper Case.  Think of what items could be easily sold at a flea market, pawn shop or on Ebay.  There is probably not a huge market for pillows so you can skip that item.  On the other hand electronics, jeans and baby formula are all great examples of high target products.

 Another option is to mark you product with your store name and number.  For example, if you have baby formula, use a sharpie to write your company name and the location number on the product.  This will identify the product as belonging to your company if you find it being sold elsewhere and will help the police recover your stolen goods.  It also reduces the resale value as fencing operations don’t want to risk selling marked goods and that goes a long way to prevent shoplifting.

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