Prevent Shoplifting during the Holidays

While there is a multitude of ways to steal, one method is gaining an increase in popularity. Box stuffing is just like it sounds. Shoplifters take a large box, generally from a fairly low dollar item, and stuff it full of high dollar items. Because the box is rang trough the POS, it often does not call attention to the theft.

 The use of retail anti theft devices like hard and soft tags can be an effective tool to prevent shoplifting incidents, like box stuffing. By not only having RF tags on the high dollar products like electronics or jewelry, using a soft tag on the inside of large boxes assists in the detection of box stuffers. The additional retail anti theft devices provide a two fold attack to prevent shoplifting.

 The first, is that the more tags there are to deactivate, the harder it is for the shoplifter to attempt to remove. They are counting on being able to quickly stuff the box and go. Too many tags, make for too many obstacles, thus slowing them down.

 The second part is at the POS. With more tags on your product, there is more opportunity for one to set off an alarm going out the door.

 The associates will have the extra advantage to prevent shoplifting because of the obstacle RF tags place. Box stuffers beware, retail anti shoplifting devices will    make stealing not worth your time. Move on!

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