Prevent Shoplifting by Teenagers

Is it more difficult to prevent shoplifting by teenagers than it is adults?  Maybe so.

Teenagers and younger do know right from wrong, so there’s no difference there.  There is apparently more susceptibility to peer pressure, not just regarding shoplifting, but in just about everything they do.  It seems as though they listen to the same music, watch the same TV shows, and dress alike most of the time.

To the retailer, the reasons don’t really matter much.  It’s the result of teenage shoplifters that really hurt the bottom line.

I’ve seen signs at the entrances of convenience stores that limit the number of teenagers allowed on the premises at any one time.  I remember as a young person being watched whenever I went into a store with one or more friends, when no adults were present.  Clearly, shoplifting by teenagers is a problem for many retailers who are always looking for better ways to prevent shoplifting.

Teenagers are going to shoplift.  There is no doubt about that.  Not every teenager, of course, but according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, around 24% of apprehended shoplifters are teenagers.

One reason teenagers are bold shoplifters seems to be that they are unafraid of punishment.  They realize that if caught as a first timer, they are apt to be dealt with lightly by the justice system, if not their parents.  As a facilitator for a county program aimed to prevent shoplifting among teenagers, I found very few apprehended teenagers had been told specifically not to shoplift by their parents.  Now I’m sure they were never specifically told not to steal a car either, but like shoplifting, because the parents never thought their kids would shoplift.

But the fact is that they do. 

One way to ease the retailer’s mind about shoplifting and the problems it brings is the installation of Checkpoint Security Systems EAS.  Teens and other shoplifters recognize Checkpoint Systems as they enter the store and realize that their plans to shoplift just ran into a snag.  Application of Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels to high theft merchandise makes shoplifting too much like work for the thief as they are unable to remove or deactivate the tags and labels (it can only be done by the cashier with the proper equipment) and they then decide to go to another store where there is no EAS equipment installed.

Short of barring teens from the store, Checkpoint Security Systems is the most efficient and economical way to prevent shoplifting from any retail environment.

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