Prevent Shoplifting by Awareness – Atlanta Georgia

A shoplifter walks into your store.  How do you know they are going to shoplift?  What does a shoplifter look like?

If shoplifters wore name tags that said “Hello, my name is Sue and I shoplift” then our jobs would be quite easy.  But, in reality, there is not a “look” to a shoplifter.

They can be dressed nice, dressed shabby, be clean, be unkempt, be male, or be female.  There is no picture in the dictionary next to the word “shoplifter.”

So how does a business prevent shoplifting in their store? While the person can’t be picked out as a shoplifter from their look, they can be distinguished for their actions.  A shoplifter may be looking around and watching other employees or customers.  He or she may appear nervous or apprehensive.  They may be wandering your store and not appear to be shopping the way that others do.  By teaching your employees to watch for these clues, you can prevent shoplifting in your business.

Shoplifters often work in groups, having one person distract the employee while the other steals.  This is good information for your employees to know, so that they can be aware of this technique and prevent shoplifting in this style.

Your employees should also have knowledge of what items in your business are considered high theft.  These items should be kept in an area where employees can monitor them.  Employees should provide excellent customer service at all times – but especially when customers are looking at these high theft items.

Have your employees pay attention to their surroundings while they are working on your sales floor.  If they are stocking shelves or straightening merchandise, they can still watch the customers around them and provide good customer service.

Using some of these tips to prevent shoplifting in your business will help convince your shoplifting customers that they should shop elsewhere for the “deals” they seek.

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