Prevent shoplifting, boost your profits

Prevent shoplifting ? Do you have shoplifters? Can you prevent shoplifting ?

Well, let me start by saying, you may be in the wrong business if you think you don’t have shoplifters. Every retailer has shoplifters, no matter how secure they think they might be. However, you can certainly prevent shoplifting by being proactive and limiting the amount of loss your store will experience.

Retail loss prevention has been working for years on how to prevent retail theft. Many retail loss prevention professionals agree that at least 30% of a retailer’s loss is directly related to shoplifting. In some cases, that number is much higher.
Working for many years in retail loss prevention, I have seen a large number of shoplifters throughout many retailers. One thing each of these retailers has in common is looking for ways to prevent shoplifting. Well, here are a couple of tips.

First, if you don’t already have a retail loss prevention program, get one. You need specialty help. Store Managers are good, but they don’t have the training needed to apprehend shoplifters nor do they have the time to follow up on these cases. To prevent retail theft, you have to create a retail loss prevention program to meet the needs of your business. This could mean hiring loss prevention consultants to make the necessary recommendations.

Inventory shrinkage is a killer of many retailers. Affecting the sales of the store, inventory shrinkage has been known to shut down companies.  If shoplifting contributes 30% or more to inventory shrinkage, then the problem has been stopped.

Do this! Truly evaluate what your store needs. Look at the types of shoplifting activities are going on in your store. Talk with your employees, often times they see and hear of shoplifting incidents daily. Find out what merchandise is mostly being lost or stolen, then get help.

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