Prevent Shoplifting Before it’s Too Late in Atlanta Georgia

It’s never too late too begin a program to prevent shoplifting.  A business owner may feel like it’s too late following a period of good sales, good control over inventory and operations budgets and he still takes a loss because of an unplanned and bloated inventory loss figure.  That and other signs like empty hangers and packaging, reported incidents of shoplifting, and the knowledge that he is ordering more merchandise to replenish than he is selling.

The dollar loss is what the owner has to look at as he decides what measures to take to stop shoplifting in his store.  High losses demand effective action.

There’s a grocery store that I pass by occasionally and I have noticed that after dark, there is a security guard stationed at the front door.  That indicates to me that management has decided that it is worth the expense to hire a guard to protect its customers, and I suspect, to keep merchandise from walking out the door for free, and that much of the mischief occurs after dark.

It’s difficult to track and prevent shoplifting, it’s such a sneaky crime and it can occur at any time there is a customer in the store.  Shoplifters don’t announce themselves and a shoplifter looks exactly like any other customer.

The merchandise has to be openly displayed and available, otherwise there would be greatly reduced sales in the store.

Ideally, there would be a way to deter potential shoplifters and detect them if they steal. 

Checkpoint Systems, Checkpoint tags, and Checkpoint labels used correctly by a store would seem to accomplish both these goals.

The presence of an EAS system by Checkpoint Systems in itself is enough to make a potential shoplifter think again about stealing from a store with the retail anti theft device installed.  This makes the potential thief think at least that store staff is aware of shoplifters and raises it above their risk tolerance level.

Those who are determined to steal will most often go to a retailer that doesn’t use the Checkpoint Systems device to reduce the threat of being detected.

Prevent shoplifting before it becomes too late with all the tools at your disposal.

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