Prevent Shoplifting at Your Business

Each type of retail business has to develop its own unique approach to control or prevent shoplifting.  There is no “one size fits all” solution because of the diversity of merchandise, packaging, location, and methods of display used by retailers.

 Although every retail business will experience shoplifting, a men’s suit retailer will take a different approach than a furniture store.  Where most of the suit seller’s inventory will be vulnerable, the furniture store would concentrate on accessories.  (It’s difficult to fit a love seat into a booster bag.)  Some home improvement centers leave their potting soil outside overnight, something they would never do with power tools, because the shrink rate for bulk dirt is low.

 The degree to which a retailer should take steps to prevent shoplifting requires an analysis of the all-important shrink figures, what specific merchandise is being stolen, a determination of what is acceptable (shoplifting can’t be stopped, only controlled), and what it will cost to reach the desired result.  The cost of the cure for shoplifting must justify the expenditure by reducing shoplifting enough to pay for the investment and continue preventing losses related to customer theft.

 For companies that don’t have their own loss prevention or asset protection departments, the task of choosing the most efficient and economical methods to prevent shoplifting falls to the owners and management of the business.  While retailers may be experts in merchandise, marketing and sales, they frequently are not aware of the availability of some new method or technology that will make the job easier to accomplish.

 Depending on the circumstances, it may be advisable to call in a specialist in loss prevention to assist and advise of the best and most effective ways to economically get shoplifting under control and still not intimidate legitimate shoppers.

 No matter what type of retail business you have, you can benefit by an objective assessment from a professional to help you prevent shoplifting.

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