Prevent shoplifting: Anticipate the theft before it occurs

I can be anyone – someone like your kids, your mother, or your neighbor.  I am a shoplifter but I don’t have a certain description, and I don’t wear a name tag that says “shoplifter.”  How are you able to identify me – before I steal your merchandise?

Businesses that successfully prevent shoplifting within their stores have sound loss prevention measures in place.  A business owner cannot take for granted that his or her customers will not steal.  As much as we’d like to trust our fellow man…our business loss prevention sense has to prevail in order to have the most profitable business possible.  Low shrinkage and high profitability is the goal – not enabling shoplifters by being an easy target.

One way to prevent shoplifting is to recognize the signs that a customer that may be thinking of shoplifting. Then react appropriately to prevent the crime from occurring.  Train your employees to watch how customers act.  A person that is considering shoplifting will be looking around, watching the employees.  He or she will probably find a secluded area with few employees or other customers. And the shoplifter may have a means to leave the business with the merchandise, be it in her purse, under his jacket, or another means of concealment. 

Another best practice to prevent shoplifting is to provide excellent customer service, aggressively, to those who may be acting suspiciously.  Attention is not what the shoplifter is looking for in your store.

You can also prevent shoplifting by keeping your employees informed.  When you keep good records of your inventory, you can recognize what items are being stolen most often.  Let your employees know which items are considered high theft in your business, so that they can pay extra attention to that area of your store.  Additionally, if your employees know that you recognize quickly what items are being stolen, the employees themselves may think twice before stealing from you, their employer.

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