Prevent Shoplifting and Reduce Loss

If you are a business that is experiencing loss due to shoplifting, sometimes you need to just sit back and analyze the basics. Where is your high theft merchandise located in your store? Are your aisles high and narrow? Are there secluded areas and corners where employees cannot see? If you find out that there are opportunities, then that is the first step to fixing the problem and being able to prevent shoplifting.

 Taking a look at your sales floor first can identify problems that lead to shoplifting. Analyze your business as if you are a shoplifter. Is your high theft merchandise easily accessible to a shoplifter or in a high traffic area where employees are always nearby? Are you utilizing basic loss prevention tactics such as having a minimal amount of high theft merchandise on display, or utilizing locked cases? In order to prevent shoplifting, sometimes you have to think like a shoplifter. Honest folks sometimes don’t think of the very things that shoplifters focus on in order to steal from us.

 Another way to prevent shoplifting is to have proper staffing of trained employees.  Employees need to be available to customers, both honest and dishonest.  Employees also need to be trained to greet customers as they see them, and to work with their heads up.  Having an alert employee observing and acknowledging all customers is an excellent way to prevent shoplifting by providing attention to all that come into your business.

 Suffering losses at the hands of shoplifters can be a frustrating problem, but there simple ways that you can prevent shoplifting and increase profits.

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