Prevent Shoplifting and Racketeering in Atlanta Georgia

Efforts to prevent shoplifting in Griffin, a city near Atlanta Georgia recently resulted in the arrests of five professional shoplifters by the local police department. (Read the whole story here:

 The shoplifters stole merchandise valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars from retailers all across the south metro area of Atlanta for a period of around 5 years.  One of the shoplifters said that stealing was the only job he’d ever had.  Their plan was to go to work and steal.  The shoplifters had rented a storage locker to hold their excess goods.

 What adds interest to this case is that the police are prosecuting using racketeering or RICO laws.

 In addition to the shoplifters, police have arrested 4 business owners for buying and fencing the stolen merchandise.

 As provided under the RICO statutes, the state is allowed to seize property that may have been paid for in part by money gained from the illegal activity.  In this case, so far, a gas station, a tire service, two homes and several vehicles have been seized.  One of the vehicles seized was a small bus, which was in the process of being converted into a rolling strip club, complete with a pole. One of the arrestees had planned to use the bus to drive around and sell tickets to patrons who would then watch the entertainment.  The bus was being remodeled using material that was stolen from a home improvement store.

 More charges are coming in this case, according to police.

 Hopefully, you have never had any shoplifters in your store that could be prosecuted under RICO, but that doesn’t meant that shoplifting isn’t a problem.

 Does your program to prevent shoplifting go far enough?  If shortage figures indicate trouble, you may need help to prevent shoplifting from becoming a major issue for your business.

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