Prevent Shoplifting and Promote Nudity

One retailer’s efforts to prevent shoplifting recently kept a man in New Jersey from running down the road naked, according to the Associated Press.   [Read the article here…]

The 58-year-old man was caught with $43.00 worth of merchandise including a USB card, two spoons, a nutcracker, decorative tree, and T-shirts, a highly diverse selection of merchandise to be sure.

When asked why he stole the items, he explained that he had lost a bet and could pay the debt either by shoplifting or running naked down the street.  He remarked that he should have taken of his clothes and gone into the street because the fine for nudity was less that the penalty for shoplifting.

I personally have heard some crazy excuses given by shoplifters, but this is one that’s new.  (I have heard the “lost a bet” excuse, however.)

I’m sure the store is happy that he didn’t shoplift naked, although the thief would have had nowhere to hide his loot.

This is a case of a person who entered the store with the intention of stealing from the retailer, who obviously thought his chances of being detected were small.  He also had a chance to be very careful, since merchandise choice didn’t seem to be a decision factor. 

Retailers, in order to prevent shoplifting, set up all types of barriers to make it more difficult to get to the objects (locking displays, cables) or increase the risk of detection to such a degree that the shoplifters avoid the store (CCTV, loss prevention agents, theft detection technology.)

Checkpoint Security Systems is a viable anti shoplifting tool for many retailers that have taken a positive step to stop shoplifting.  The presence of a Checkpoint System at the entrance and the use of Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels on merchandise are the only deterrent needed to send most shoplifters to another store to settle their bets.  Most shoplifters recognize Checkpoint Systems, Checkpoint tags, and Checkpoint labels, and avoid those retailers who use them.  Those who decide they can beat the systems soon find themselves approached by a staff member responding to an audible alarm as the merchandise passes by the Checkpoint System.

It is less entertaining to prevent shoplifting than to have a naked guy run down the street, but it is a lot better for business.

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