Prevent Shoplifting and Pay Yourself in Atlanta Georgia

Give yourself a bonus every time you prevent shoplifting from your store. 

Retailer know that shoplifting costs them big bucks every time they take inventory or do a periodic merchandise count.  Take the retail value of the merchandise you’re supposed to have and subtract the retail value of what you actually have and the dollar amount you are left with is shrink.  This is the value of the merchandise you have lost and don’t know where it went.

A good portion of it went out the door with your least favorite customers, shoplifters.  Or as I like to call them, thieves.  Those customers who take merchandise without paying break the law in addition to trying to destroy your business.  Shoplifters may not realize that they and others like them can and have put stores completely out of business by making it unprofitable to continue operating, but it has happened.  A retailer who can’t prevent shoplifting can’t operate without making a profit.  That’s the point of opening a business in the first place, not to provide a bunch of lazy shoplifters with free stuff.  That free stuff is costing somebody, and that somebody is the retailer and his good legitimate customers that have to pay higher prices to cover the thefts.  But the retailer can’t mark up prices too high to recover or he will no longer be competitive and his customers will go somewhere else.

What’s the real cost of shoplifting?  When an item that retails for $100 is stolen for instance, what is the real cost?  If a store operates at a 3% margin, the profit on the item is $3.00.  That means the store has to sell almost 34 identical coats or $3333.34 in merchandise to recover the cost of the stolen coat.  (100/.03) No wonder retailers go to such lengths to prevent shoplifting.  It’s vital for the health of the business.

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