Prevent shoplifting and outsell your shrink. That is the real solution.

Shrink is a very important part of business.  It has just as much affect on the bottom line as does sales.  A major source of shrink in many retail stores is shoplifting.  So how can one prevent shoplifting?  The answer in part is to use retail anti theft devices. The other part is good customer service and increase sales.

 Let me explain.  Retail anti theft devices, such as sensor tags and keeper cases, work to deter shoplifters from taking products.  Sensor tags set off alarms and bring unwanted attention to shoplifters.  To this end many shoplifters will refrain from taking your product and go somewhere else.  Keeper cases and spider wraps from Alpha Security do much the same thing.  They secure your product and make it hard to steal.  This again will cause many shoplifters to leave your product on the shelves, which is where you want it.

 This serves two important functions.  One, it keeps you from assuming losses due to theft.  This will make you more profitable at the end of the day as you now have less shrink eating away from your bottom line.  Secondly, it will increase sales and reduce shrink.  Sales are increased by the availability of the product for your customer.  Customers can’t buy product if shoplifters wipe out the shelves before they get the chance.  So now we have sales on the rise.  This in and of itself reduces shrink. 

 All good LP professionals understand the concept of “out selling” your shrink.  Since shrink is derived from dividing you losses into your sales, the larger your sales are the lower your shrink percent.  Losses are always going to be part of your business so focus on sales and use retail anti theft devices to counter this evil.

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