Prevent Shoplifting and More In Gift Cards


A new scheme is occurring in the world of shoplifting! Just when you thought you had it figured out. Why would we be concerned about how we prevent shoplifting of gift cards? Wait a minute there is no value to a gift card until it is purchased!

Well…shoplifters are stealing the unpurchased gift cards taking them home and cloning the information on the mag stripe. They then take them back to the same retailer and put them back on the peg hook. When your customer purchases the card and you activate it the customer takes his new gift card and leaves.

But when the unsuspecting customer or the gift receiver tries to redeem the gift card…the money is gone! That’s because the shoplifter has already used the cloned card.

So how do we solve this problem? Well we can keep the cards locked up, behind glass or behind the counter. Of course this takes the retailer is the opposite direction we need to be in. We do not want to spend labor while a customer decides which gift card or amount to purchase.

 If we want to prevent shoplifting of this nature we have to get inventive. Another solution is to use an Alpha Security Hang Tag. This hard tag is designed to go over the peg hook hole. It has a dual pin that then locks the Hang Tag onto the packaging. The Hang Tag is designed for blister packs but will work on this type of packages also. The gift card is then put back on the peg. If the shoplifter tries to remove the gift card the coil in the Hang Tag will cause an alarm.

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