Prevent Shoplifting and Miss All the Fun

You can prevent shoplifting from your store, but if you do, you are likely to miss incidents such as the following that were reported by the daily publication, Creative Loafing:

How much can a shoplifter stuff in his pants? A man seen on surveillance video at a convenience store in Connecticut, fled after stuffing at least 17 cans of Red Bull energy drink down his pants. And in Cairns, Australia, a 51-year-old man was caught shoplifting, witnessed by security staff putting three limes and a package of beef tongue in his pants. When cornered, the man (like clowns exiting a clown car) pulled out an additional two onions, three trays of rump steaks and a packet of lamb forequarter chops.

Okay, the thought of these two criminals actually stuffing energy drink and groceries into their trousers at first seems pretty comical.  At least in these two instances, the offenders were detected and apprehended.  Many times, shoplifters who are not quite so inept as these two get away with it, costing businesses billions of dollars annually in lost merchandise and profit, and there’s no fun in that.

Now nothing may prevent shoplifting entirely by really dedicated and daring theives like the ones described here, but there are retail anti theft devices that are manufactured to stop shoplifting by customers of a retail store.

A Checkpoint Security System at the entrance to a store announces that the management of the store is serious about controlling costs and crime by treating sholifting seriously, which in turn keeps prices low for customers.

A Checkpoint Security System is a type of electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology that detects special Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels that pass through its field and emits an audible alarm, alerting staff and others that merchandise is leaving that has not been through checkout.  The shoplifters soon learn that the merchadise is protected and move on to less risky environments.  The preventative benefit of the presence of a Checkpoint System has an immediate positive impact on inventory loss and profitability.

For your information, if Mr. Red Bull had been successful, the retailer would have had to sell an additional 340 cans of the drink to break even because of the profit loss from the theft.

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