Prevent Shoplifting and Get Some Sleep

Retailers lose sleep worrying about retail theft and ways to prevent shoplifting.

Shoplifters, however, apparently plan to get plenty of rest, at least the individual in the following story from Police (Off)Beat column recently in the Atlanta Constitution:

A potential slumber party host was caught shoplifting two Sony PlayStations, a PlayStation Portable, several games, a comforter and some pajamas from a Cobb County Sears store. He’d used a pair of pliers to break into the glass case containing the goods, police said. While being booked at the jail, police found 77 Xanax pills in his socks.

This shoplifter obviously came into this major retailer’s store with shoplifting on his mind, as he had the tools to get into the case that the store had depended on to keep thieves out.  This is frequently the case with high value popular items like electronic games that are frequent targets of shoplifters because of their desirability and relatively high resale value.

Despite a Loss Prevention Department with undercover store detectives, attentive(?) sales staff, and a locked display cabinet, Mr.  Gonna Have a Party shoplifter took the risk and it didn’t pay off.

To prevent shoplifting by a hard core, determined thief requires a stronger approach than deterring the casual everyday type of booster.

Checkpoint Security Systems provides retail anti theft devices that prevent shoplifting from the standpoint of letting shoplifters and potential shoplifters know that just by its presence, the risk of being detected has gone way up.  Most any shoplifter (except the most dedicated ones of course) will avoid a store that has a Checkpoint System and frequent those stores that have less obstacles to their shoplifting plans.

Retailers that have Checkpoint Security Systems in their stores know that the systems work as a deterrent by the amount of merchandise that is ditched by shoplifters before they exit the store.  The shoplifter notices the system as he is ready to exit and decides the reward is not worth the risk and drops the merchandise before exiting.

The presence of Checkpoint Security Systems will help any retailer reduce his inventory loss and prevent shoplifting.

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