Prevent Shoplifting and Cover Your Assets

Although the general public may not realize it, shoplifting continues to be a huge burden on the backs of retailers.  To prevent shoplifting, they must sometimes go to extreme lengths. 

To remain competitive, the retailer must control shoplifting to keep costs down and profitability up.  Excessive inventory loss will cause a retailer to either raise prices or cut costs elsewhere to sustain profitability.  Increasing prices is likely to drive the retailer’s customer to the competition.

To shoplifters, particularly juveniles, a retail store looks as if it has an unlimited supply of merchandise and surely the owner, whoever that is, will never miss it.  What he doesn’t think about is that the business owner has already bought that merchandise and will be paying for it whether it is sold to a customer or if it walks out the door as a loss.

This is what causes storeowners to spend money on anti shoplifting measures designed to protect the money that he has invested in the merchandise and from which he expects to make a profit.

The retailer will typically do what’s necessary to prevent shoplifting and protect his merchandise and his livelihood.

An investment with a quick return is optimal and is what is gained with the addition of a Checkpoint Security System.  The Checkpoint system will prevent tagged and labeled merchandise from leaving the store without being checked at the register by a cashier by sound an alarm as the merchandise passes the system. 

A Checkpoint Security System will help you keep your assets where they belong: in your store until they are sold and taken home by a legitimate customer.

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