Prevent shoplifting and catch the profits – Atlanta Georgia

I am a shoplifter.  I want to steal from your business.  Just try and stop me!

What are you going to do to prevent me from shoplifting in your business?  Billions are lost every year to retail theft.  The results of this loss can be seen in every aspect of your business:  higher prices, inventory shrinkage, lost profit, even business closure.

Prevent shoplifting by fostering an environment in which your employees enjoy their work and want to prevent theft.  By having employees who are committed to good customer service, they can provide that attention that honest customers appreciate and we shoplifters despise.

Another way to prevent shoplifting is to look at your sales floor the way that a shoplifter would.  Are there blind corners and secluded areas?  Do your employees provide good customer service or do they tend to ignore the shoppers?  How about your high theft items – are they in a secure area or in a locked case?  At the very least, these types of items need to be located where employees can be nearby.

What is considered a high theft item?  A business needs to keep track of its inventory versus its sales of products so that a loss can be identified quickly.  Once an item is identified as high theft, then measures can be taken to prevent the theft of that merchandise.

Proper staffing is also a way to prevent shoplifting .  If there are only a couple of employees in your business at a given time, and it is a large business…this provides plenty of opportunity for shoplifters like me to be unattended.

You can’t provide one employee for every shopper that comes into your business, but adequate staff can prevent shoplifting as well as provide good service to your customers.

The goal?  Scare away us shoplifters and bring in honest customers.

Shoplifting loses, profits win.

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