Prevent Shoplifting – Watch Your Receipts


Keeping up with register receipts can prevent shoplifting.

 In a new twist on an old trick, a man and a woman were cited for shoplifting in Cookeville, Tennessee, despite using a somewhat elaborate (for shoplifters, anyway) scheme.  The couple was shopping at a big box retailer and was selecting items from the shelves and putting them into a shopping cart.

 Oddly enough, they were following another female shopper who was selecting the very same items for her shopping cart.  Either this was quite a coincidence, or a shoplifter conspiracy.

 It turned out to be a shoplifter conspiracy as the first female shopper went through the line and paid for the merchandise.  Once outside, the male shopper went out and retrieved the receipt and brought it back inside the store, hoping to convince store employees that he had already paid for the merchandise when he left the store.

 The scheme didn’t work, however, as the employees’ effort to prevent shoplifting was successful and the police were called, giving the two shoplifters a date to appear in court.  The third member of the trio got away, but police are hopeful that further investigation will reveal her identity.

 My guess is that even if these shoplifters had gotten away with the merchandise, they would not have been finished with the receipt they had already tried to use twice.  They would have had duplicate items of everything they had stolen. And the receipt would most likely have been used to return one of each item to the store and receive a full refund.  Paying retail for stolen merchandise is not good for the store’s profit margin.

 Far more often the thief will enter the store with a receipt, go pull the merchandise from the shelf, and proceed straight to the refund desk. 

 Don’t fall victim to a refund fraud.  Prevent shoplifting and check returns carefully.


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