Prevent Shoplifting – Save More $$ in Atlanta Georgia

Prevent Shoplifting – Save More $$ Than You Really Know – Atlanta Georgia

When shoplifting and ways to prevent shoplifting are discussed, the two victims who are generally mentioned are the storeowner and the customers, who ends up paying more for the items they purchase in the store.  These are obvious, but in reality there are more victims.

The storeowner, or the company that owns the store is certainly worth mention because he is the one who actually paid real money for the merchandise that was stolen.  Not only does he lose the profit that he would have gained had he sold the item, he is also out the money that he paid for it which is a greater amount than the profit.

In order to recover the cost of the stolen item, and hopefully the profit, the storeowner has to raise the prices on his remaining goods so that when they are sold, he can recover his loss.

The storeowner decides to take measures to prevent shoplifting, he may employ security and loss prevention, he may purchase CCTV cameras, or use electronic article surveillance (EAS) such as those solutions provided by Checkpoint Systems.  He may buy special display hardware that prevents the merchandise from being removed from the premises.   All these measures cost the retailer money, which he must recover through increased pricing or reduction in some other expenses.

One of the places any employer may go to cut expenses is to the payroll budget or the employee benefits package.  So yet another group that might be harmed is the employees at the store that is losing merchandise to shoplifters.  Jobs may be lost and benefits may be cut.  This is frequently the case when businesses are not profitable for whatever reason.

If all efforts to prevent shoplifting fail but the shoplifter is caught, that should put an end to the losses, right?

What happens when a shoplifter is caught?  A police officer (paid by tax money), transports the shoplifter in a police car (tax money) to a jail (tax money) to await trial in a court (tax money) presided over by a judge (tax money), etc.  You see where this leads.  Everyone who pays taxes also pays to support shoplifter prevention through financing the criminal justice system.

Not to have pity on the shoplifter, but he gets a criminal record, a fine, maybe jail time, restitution, and being labeled a thief by everyone who knows.

The storeowner has every right to prevent shoplifting.  It saves us all in the end.

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