Prevent Shoplifting – Nuisance or Necessity?

There comes a time when every retailer asks how far he needs to go to prevent shoplifting.  The key here is to prevent theft before it escalates into a negative that adversely impacts the bottom line to the degree that it threatens the business.

 Retailing would be much simpler if there were no theft.  Operating costs would decrease, inventory would remain where it’s supposed to be, and net profit would rise.  There would be no reason to budget for shrink.

 As long as there are stores, there will be shoplifters, so retailers should and do plan ahead to prevent it.

 A fact about shoplifting at the store level is that if no action is taken to prevent it, it will only get worse.  It doesn’t matter what merchandise is for sale, from penny candy to diamond rings, if a shoplifter has access and opportunity, he will make the attempt to steal it.

 The degree of effort taken by the retailer to prevent shoplifting depends on many factors: location; merchandise; clientele.  A store in an urban area selling designer denim, frequented by teenage shoppers may need to plan differently than a rural farm supply store with a stable customer base.

 Every retailer should emphasize customer service and employee education to prevent shoplifting, but most retailers go beyond to include merchandise layout, CCTV, EAS, uniformed or plainclothes loss prevention staff.  All these methods need to be measured against return on investment.  How much shoplifting do I have, what items are being taken, and how much can I stop using one or a combination of methods designed to prevent shoplifting?

 Ultimately, that is a decision the retail business owner must make to be sure that his business doesn’t become a target of shoplifters because of inadequate prevention measures and doesn’t get the reputation of being known as an easy mark in the shoplifting community.

 Do what’s necessary to prevent shoplifting in your retail store.

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