Prevent Shoplifting – A Unique Problem – Atlanta Georgia

There is no way to teach anyone how to prevent shoplifting in one easy lesson.  Retailers have been trying for years to come up with foolproof solutions to the serious problems that are caused by shoplifting.

 Shoplifting is somewhat of a unique crime.  I can’t think of any other situation where so little is done to protect merchandise valued at so much money.  You may routinely visit a store that contains up to half a million dollars in inventory that is protected by one lonely sales clerk.  Very few other crimes begin with the victim putting his assets out in the open for people to see and touch, and in fact arrange them so as to make other people want them, then walk off and leave them wide open for anyone to toss in a bag or inside a coat and more times than not walk away unmolested having just stolen merchandise worth a couple of hundred dollars or more.  No one would leave their wallet or credit cards out like that and most of us lock our houses and cars when we leave them unattended, so why do we leave valuable merchandise out to be taken.

 Well, of course we depend on the fact that most people are honest and won’t steal from us and that’s true.  But the one or two in ten who will steal from us ruin it for everyone.

 Retailers want to keep the merchandise open and accessible, but they don’t want people to steal it.  That’s where all the ideas to prevent shoplifting originate.

 There are too many types of merchandise and too many retail environments to come up with one solution to prevent shoplifting.  There are so many variable involved, and so many solutions and programs offered, it takes an expert to sort them all out. 

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