Prevent Shoplifting – A Controllable Expense

Retailers look for ways to prevent shoplifting when shoplifting causes problems with the P&L.  The business owner has to buy replacement merchandise to replace merchandise that is gone but hasn’t been sold.  Shoplifting can cause inventory shortages up to 3% or higher of total sales for a given period, higher that the net margin percentage for many businesses.

There are a lot of ways to begin the battle to prevent shoplifting, so the merchant is faced with choices.  More staff?  CCTV? Lockable displays? Merchandising plans?  Staff awareness training?  Retail anti theft devices?

All these things contribute to reduce shoplifting, but the retail business owner has to weigh expense against savings; merchandise security against customer access; and customer inconvenience against an invitation to touch, feel, and try on or try out merchandise that is openly displayed.

In other words, what action is going to have the biggest ROI, and keep the merchandise on the racks and on the shelves until a legitimate customer purchases it?

Checkpoint Systems Electronic Article Surveillance is one of the best and most efficient ways to prevent shoplifting while still leaving merchandise accessible to interested customers.  Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels attached to high dollar/high theft articles mean that if merchandise that hasn’t had the tags or labels removed at the point of sale exits the store by the Checkpoint Systems antennas, an alarm will sound.  The presence of the antennas at the entrance/exit to the store is enough to deter all but the most determined shoplifters.  Genuine Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint tags must be deactivated at the register or removed by a special tool in order not to set off the alarm.  It is simply to much work for a shoplifter to attempt to do this himself, and a shoplifter would surely attract attention if trying to remove it.  Shoplifters fine it much easier to find another store with similar merchandise but no Checkpoint Systems protection.

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