There are many ways retailers can prevent shoplifting in their stores.  One of the best ways is to choose your location wisely.  Have you ever wondered why some retailers don’t do well even though the store concept is great?  Sometimes it’s all about location; well it’s the same with shoplifting prevention.  Let’s look at some location ideas that can help keep shoplifting to a minimum in your stores.

If you have a choice, choose a store front that is located inside a mall versus on the outside street.  If a thief wants to have a quick exit, it will be harder for them to lift merchandise and escape through a mall than directly into a vehicle waiting on the street corner.

Choosing a store front a bit of a distance away from a city center will also help prevent shoplifting .  Stores located right in the heart of the city are higher crime areas than the suburbs.  This increases not only the criminal activity in the area, but shoplifting in particular.

Not only will the actual store location help prevent shoplifting , but the location of your check out register in the store will also be a deterrent if placed in the right location.  Ever wonder why retail outlets always have their checkout stands at the front of the store?  It is a proven fact that stores where individuals must pass the register to exit have a lower shoplifting rate than stores with registers located in another area.

Help prevent shoplifting by keeping your store clean, tidy, well-lit and clutter free!  Need help prevent shoplifting ?  Contact us or call 1.866.914.2567.