Prevent Problems and Profit More

According to a National Retail Security survey conducted for 2010, retail loss cost U.S. businesses over $33.5 Billion. 

 How can you avoid as much loss as possible? By preventive measures, that’s how. There are several effective tools available to prevent shoplifting. Businesses must plan ahead by setting up preventive measures such as retail anti-theft devices like those available from Alpha Security. Make sure all potential employees, including management, have a full and complete understanding of the effects of a loss to a company; as well as an understanding of the company’s policies and procedures during the hiring process when it comes to your anti-shoplifting initiative. After all, your employees are your hands extended to customers and potential shoplifters when you’re not present.

 Employees play a vital role in preventing shoplifting through customer service. More than likely a potential shoplifter’s behavior will change when an employee is extra friendly and paying close attention to them. You want customers to talk about how wonderful your store is but you also want shoplifters to discuss how difficult it is to steal from you too.

 Another tool in preventing shoplifting can be found in your store layout plan. How you place fixtures, shelving, and merchandise should not be shoplifter friendly. Take away all opportunities for shoplifting to occur.

 It’s no secret that profit must outweigh loss in order for a business to stay afloat.

Albert Einstein once said,” Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them”. 

Which one are you? Go with genius because most likely they’re the one sitting on top of a very successful business. 

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