Pick Them Out of the Crowd

Have you ever seen a shoplifter? Chances are, you probably have, but you may not have known it at the time. One of the first steps to prevent shoplifting in your store is to know what you are looking for.

 Is someone avoiding help from your associates? They may be trying to avoid detection. Are they lingering in back corners or aisles of the store, maybe taking a bit too long in the fitting room? Possibly waiting to work up the courage to conceal the item. How about picking up large quantities of merchandise, but not looking at sizes, or varying the colors? They may be looking to steal them and resell the items. In these cases Customer Service might be the only thing needed to prevent shoplifting from these small time thieves.

 Now, what if you see someone running his or her fingers over a price tag, but not actually looking at the price? What if they are looking more at the legs of a pair of jeans than the style or size? This shoplifter is more than likely looking for some sort of retail anti theft device. They might be informed enough to look for a hard tag on clothing, or a soft label hidden in a price tag.

 If this is the case, it may mean good news for you. Typically, this sort of shoplifter is looking for the retail anti theft device, because it means they have a higher chance of being caught, than if the merchandise does not have any tags. You have prepared yourself to prevent shoplifting by using these tools. The shoplifter will move on to an easier target.

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