Out of the ordinary placement of anti theft devices

In one of my stores there is a problem that isn’t exactly unique to them but is somewhat of an epidemic.  They are constantly losing shoes to shoplifting.  In their efforts to prevent shoplifting in their store they have tried brainstorming numerous ways to battle this issue, but in spite of their efforts their total shrink in that department is astounding.  They have done everything from ensure one hundred percent tagging standards to twenty-four hour surveillance of the area, but still they get beat. 

The problem seems to be that the retail anti theft devices they are currently using have been beaten and the local thieves seem to have spread the word on the methods to do it.  After researching the problem we have come up with a somewhat unorthodox use for a different type of retail anti theft device which so far has seemed to confound the culprits.  Now the department is required to use 2 Alarm locks on all footwear in the store, specifically running the cable through the eye-loops of the footwear itself or attaching it to a structurally sound part of the item.  Also, if possible, they are to run the 2 Alarm units through BOTH pieces of footwear, thereby ensuring that the pair is kept intact and should anyone attempt to defeat the 2 Alarm piece it will simply sound off alerting associates to possible purloining of product. 

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