One, two, three

With so many great retail anti theft devices out there to prevent shoplifting, it can get kind of confusing understanding the nuances of each type of product.

 I wanted to give a quick overview of the different stages of EAS alarms to include 2 Alarm, and 3 Alarm products.

 At the most basic of levels, all EAS products (soft and hard tags) regardless of form are equipped with a level one alarm. It means that the alarm will go off at the front doors when the retail anti theft devices passes trough, if they are not deactivated or removed first.

 That seems simple enough.

 Next comes the 2 Alarm. These are products that are a little more complex. The alarms are for higher ticket or higher theft items that need a little bit better of security. A 2 Alarm product will emit an audible alarm if the device is tampered with. So even if the EAS is not near a doorway, the alarm will sound if someone tries to remove the device.

 A 3 Alarm EAS tag is the highest and most involved form of retail anti theft devices to prevent shoplifting. A 3 Alarm will do what both a one alarm, and a 2 Alarm product will do. The best part is that the 3 Alarm will continue to emit that penetrating audible alarm for a full ten minutes after the product has left the store.

 I hope this helps clarify the differences for you.

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