One Step to Prevent Shoplifting

To prevent shoplifting, remember the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  What this saying means is that it is easier to prevent a condition from occurring that it is once it has become established. 

When applied to shoplifting, a major concern for almost any retailer, this statement makes a lot of sense.

The main idea of prevention is to keep shoplifting from occurring in the first place.  To do this, the retailer should increase the risk to the shoplifter.  The other side of the equation would be to increase the shoplifter’s punishment, but that assumes the shoplifter will be caught and even then the punishment is up to a judge or jury.

So, other than posting a sign at the entrance that reads “Shoplifters Will Be Shot”, what can a retailer do to deter and prevent shoplifting at his store?

One excellent deterrent to shoplifting is the presence of a retail anti theft device at the entrance to the store.  One such device is the Checkpoint Security System.  While the system, which consists of one or more antennas depending on the size of the entrance, is certainly not “in your face” obvious, it is recognized by most shoplifters as an effective anti shoplifting solution that is difficult to defeat.

The Checkpoint Security System never gets distracted or takes a break.  It doesn’t care what a shoplifter looks like, how he is dressed, or how many bags he carries.  Blind spots in the store that are used by shoplifters to conceal merchandise are unimportant to it.

In short, all the Checkpoint Security System cares about is if the merchandise passing through it has been paid for or not.  If not, an alarm sounds to alert the staff.

Keep honest customers honest and prevent shoplifting by committing to reduce shrink and save money with Checkpoint.

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