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In my new hire training classes, I do a segment on how to prevent shoplifting. I start by asking what the trainees know about shoplifters and how to deter them. Most of the time, I get blank stares and they tell me that since they can’t apprehend a shoplifter there is nothing they can do to prevent shoplifting from happening in the store.

 I start by telling them about customer service is a better deterrent than any retail anti theft device could ever be. #1 rule of not getting caught is to avoid detection by everyone around him or her. The simple act of greeting each and every person, works on a multitude of levels. No one feels singled out. The legitimate customer gets the help they need and the shoplifter gets scared out of stealing.

 As a secondary tactic, retail anti theft devices can be called into play. These are generally the hard or soft tags on clothes. More involved retailers use other Checkpoint products to limit access to merchandise, such as the bottle locks on liquor, or the Alpha Security Keeper Box on colognes and razors.

 I walk my new hires through the different retail anti theft devices our store uses, and how to properly deactivate them for the customers. I also show them what happens when an alarm goes off when something is not deactivated. This sort of awareness helps our associates become more involved in the process. It also helps deter any shoplifters who are watching. They know that we are serious about preventing shoplifting and have employed techniques to be successful.

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