New retail anti theft devices actually make protecting accessories more than a dream.

For years I have suffered through the pain of shrink in my accessories department.  For many department stores the shrink percent of this department is the highest in the store.  It seems we lose almost as much as we sell.  The reason is fairly simple.  These items are very small, easy to conceal or wear, and cannot be protected.  Or should I say couldn’t be protected.  Alpha Security has a revolutionary set of retail anti theft devices aimed to help prevent shoplifting of these expensive little items.

 There are several Jewel Lok retail anti theft devices available.  There are two Jewel Lok options for earrings.  One is for hoop earrings and the other for stud earrings.  Both options help prevent shoplifting by applying the tag directly to the product and not just the packaging.  For years our only option was to put a soft tag on the jewelry packaging.  These were often torn off or the shoplifter would just remove the product from the package and the tag was ineffective at that point.  With the Jewel Lok tags the actual product is protected and the ability to prevent shoplifting becomes a reality.  There is also a Jewel Lok option that works with loose jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, etc.

 Alpha also has retail anti theft devices for other accessories as well.  The Eyewear tag is designed to place a hard tag on the arm of sunglasses.  They are adjustable so they will fit most sizes of sunglasses.  The 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm cable locks are great for handbags.  The 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm cable locks will sound the EAS system if not removed and both have an alarm built into the tag that will sound if tampered with.  The 3 Alarm tag works with the Nano Gate and if the product leaves the store will set off the alarm on the tag which helps make apprehensions easy.

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