New Retail Anti Theft Device: Jewel Lok by Alpha High Theft Solutions

There has been a struggle with retail anti theft devices that protect jewelry. New products have come to the market that will change all of that. Alpha Security has released the first of several new items called Jewel Lok.

 Now you can prevent shoplifting of all your open display jewelry. The first item to be released is the Loose Jewelry Solution tag. This is one of the smallest hard tags I have ever seen. It has a small compact body that is only about 1.5” long. The hook fits through the jewelry item to be protected and locks back to itself.

 These retail anti theft devices are designed for bracelets, chains, necklaces and other small loose jewelry items.

 The Jewel Lok , Loose Jewelry Solution contains either an RF or AM EAS coil. The hook is hardened steel that cannot be cut with scissors or nail clippers and is coated in plastic to prevent scratches on jewelry. A shoplifter will think twice before stealing jewelry protected with this an Alpha High Theft Solutions Loose Jewelry device.

 The next items that have not yet been released are the Hoop Earring Solution and the Stud Earring Solution. These devices will prevent shoplifting by locking the earrings to the card. They are a benefit denial device. This means that the shoplifter will destroy the merchandise before it is removed. A Checkpoint label added to the card will complete the protection cycle.

 Follow this link if you would like to learn more and see photos and instructions about the Loose Jewelry Solution.

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