Nano Gates are no good without the right tags!

The other day I was in a store in a different part of the district that had not reported any tagging audits in over four months.  It just so happened that at that same point in history that store’s Loss Prevention department had been dissolved due to budget cuts, leaving all Loss Prevention duties in the hands of the store manager and his assistant managers.  Unfortunately they weren’t all that knowledgeable, or properly trained when it came to enforcing and adhering to LP practices.

 I was there with a team of other LP associates to perform a sweep of the property and find everything that was being done incorrectly so that it could be corrected and to simultaneously instruct store management as to how to perform their required duties.  While there were a few major issues, such as no employee bag checks or failure to review CCTV footage, the biggest issue was found in the realm of what I was assigned to look for.

 There wasn’t a single retail anti-theft device in place, anywhere.  Not a one 2 Alarm or 3 Alarm tag was being used.  Not even a Spider Wrap haphazardly attached to a bulk item.

 We were stunned.

 This was a store that had a fully functional Nano Gate system at all of the entrances, but that was of course useless without any retail anti-theft devices to set it off.  When asked how they expected the Nano Gates to function, the store manager thought that all products arrived in store with security devices hidden inside them.

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