Nano Gate … A great new way to prevent shoplifting!!!

There are many retail anti theft devices on the market today that are aimed at helping retailers prevent shoplifting.  Many of these retail anti theft devices and systems have been around for years and some are much newer.  A relatively new system that I have found to be very useful is the Nano Gate (and 3 Alarm tags) by Alpha Security.

 By this time I think we are all pretty familiar with standard EAS systems.  You put sensor tags on merchandise and if it passes the door pedestals then an alarm sounds.  We all hope we can prevent shoplifting by bringing attention to those who are setting off the system.  Two problems have developed with this system.  One, in many stores no one pays attention to this alarm anymore and it sounds all day with no response from employees or customers.  When that happens the deterrent effect is lost.  A second issue is that even if you do respond as an employee, you are limited in what you can search and what you can do to recover your product.

 The Nano Gate and Alpha’s 3 Alarm tags address these problems.  The first piece of the solution is the 3 Alarm tags.  These retail anti theft devices are like standard hard sensor tags with the exception that they have an alarm built into the tag.  If a would-be shoplifter tampers with the tag then the alarm will sound on the tag itself.  This is great at deterring seasoned shoplifters who can quickly defeat standard EAS tags.  The second part of the system is the Nano Gate.  Unlike standard pedestals that just alarm, when the 3 Alarm tag passes by the Nano Gate the built in senor alarm sounds.  When an employee responds it will be hard for a shoplifter to explain the alarm coming from their bag (or other places) as anything but theft.

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