Media Display Stands are the perfect way to prevent shoplifting and drive sales.

Have you ever noticed how many retail anti theft devices work against standard logic to driving sales?  I have to admit that on many occasions I shudder when I hear our promotions department talk about a new sales strategy because it usually is counterintuitive to standard loss prevention programs.  One of the new developers of retail anti theft devices is really bridging the gap with their ground breaking technology.  Alpha security has put a lot of focus in the design of its products to finally bring sales and shoplifting prevention together.

 One great product for stores that sell electronic devices is the Media Display
Stand.  These stands do two things.  One, they provide power to your electronic display units so customers can test the products to find the one they like.  Two, they have a security alarm that allows you to be alerted if a thief tries to cut the cable and steal the unit.

 I think we can all agree that you will sell many more electronic devices when a customer can test the unit.  You can look at a phone or camera, but it is not until you can try it out that you are really able to appreciate all that the product has to offer.  With this said the first component of the Media Display Stand (the power function) will really help you drive sales by ensuring that customers will always be able to try out charged units.  Secondly, there is no value that can be assessed to the ability to prevent shoplifting.  There is not a lot of margin built into electronics.  For this reason shoplifting is very impactful.  Being able to be alerted to potential theft is critical to any business that sells electronics.

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