Making your business less attractive…to shoplifters in order to Prevent Shoplifting


A business’s ability to effectively prevent shoplifting can be extremely important in order for that business to be profitable.  No business owner wants all of his merchandise walking out of the front door without being purchased.  All businesses are affected by retail theft, but to what extent can be determined by the ways they prevent shoplifting in the business.

A business owner should make sure that their sales floor lay out is not attractive to shoplifters.  Keep shelving low and aisles spaced apart.  Clothing racks should have some space between them and not be too tall.  The sales floor should be analyzed to make sure that there are no hidden corners or dark areas that make it easy to be out of sight and concealing merchandise.

Shoplifters can be professionals or amateurs.  Both types can be good at what they do and difficult to catch, but you may still be able to stop shoplifting by knowing what to watch for when these individuals come into your business.  Professionals are shoplifting for a living and can be difficult to detain.  Both may use lookouts to watch store employees while another member of the group steals your merchandise.  Prevent shoplifting by both of these groups by being aware that they exist, and by trying hard not to be a target.

Shoplifters steal in a variety of ways.  They may conceal merchandise in purses, pockets, strollers, or inside of other merchandise that they will then purchase.  Some shoplifters will switch price tags on items, or try to conduct return fraud.  All of these varieties can lead to shrinkage within your store. 

However the shoplifter may choose to steal, it is your job as the business owner or manager to make it more difficult for them.  Prevent shoplifting to increase your profits.

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