Loss Prevention Agents are the best way to prevent shoplifting.


There is no better solution to prevent shoplifting than utilizing Loss Prevention Agents.  LP Agents are best utilized in addition to standard retail anti theft devices.  Here is how.

 Catching shoplifters is a hard task to do properly.  If done improperly the store can face expensive litigation for false imprisonment, defamation of character, etc.  This is why I strongly urge companies to use LP Agents who are trained in the legal and technical aspects of apprehensions as opposed to allowing store personnel to make these detentions.  One of the hardest parts of catching good shoplifters is to see them taking and concealing the products.  Here is where retail anti theft devices comes in.

 The experienced shoplifters are generally going to try to defeat the retail anti theft devices.  This is a time consuming process and really makes a shoplifter stand out from other customers.  You may have seen that shoplifter picking at the EAS tag or walking around with pliers in their hand.  The fact that they have this obstacle really helps the LP Agents pick out the shoplifters and also helps give them the time to get all the necessary steps to making apprehensions.

 For many companies you may not have the resources to properly staff and train an LP staff.  For this I recommend using contract Loss Prevention.  You can still get trained LP Agents and you reduce your own liability in apprehensions as the 3rd party agent is making the detentions and not the store directly.  It is a win-win.

 There is no easy answer to prevent shoplifting, but the combination of anti shoplifting devices and LP Agents gives you your greatest advantage.

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