Locked up, lose out

For a while, retailers that were fed up with preventing shoplifting of their small, high dollar, and/ or high shrink items simply started to lock them away. While I don’t know the exact numbers, I can only imagine that their shrink losses dramatically decreased, since no one but an employee with a key could access the merchandise.

 I can also assume that from a customer service standpoint, there has been a significant decrease in those sales. It’s no wonder that loss prevention is often referred to as “lost sales”

 I know that as a consumer there have been times that I have needed to purchase say a razor, and it has been locked up. In a perfect world scenario, you simply ask the available sales associate to get one.

 In today’s meager payroll world, spending time to go track down an associate and then find out they have to get someone else who has the key, is cumbersome and time consuming. I, for one, don’t always have the time, or patience to wait for that. I have on more than one occasion walked out of a store without making a purchase because it was taking to long to get my product out of the lock box.

 As it turns out, I am not the only one who has done this. Retailers are rethinking their strategy and going to new retail anti theft devices designed for better customer service and sales.

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