Leaps and Bounds – Alpha Security

Technology and human nature amaze me. Looking at the world and seeing the possibilities, information and access available literally, at our fingertips, is quite a phenomenon. Yet there are still innovations that have nothing to do with a computer chip, “the cloud” or an app that can completely change your life. But habits don’t change as easily and therefore you need to continue your quest to prevent shoplifting

In retail, or any small business for that matter, jewelry is a huge add on item. It is also a huge theft item my nature- or by design. Jewelry is small. It is easily concealed, and can be quite expensive. Jewelry losses sometimes outweigh the profit margins built into these impulse buys.

Alpha Security is a trusted name in retail anti theft devices. This is because they are reliable, and also because they simply work. The Alpha Jewel Lok is an innovation that is a simple lock to disallow product access. You cannot take a piece of jewelry off of a card with an Alpha Jewel Lok attached. The only option is to steal the Alpha Jewel Lok with the jewelry and set the alarm off.

They are simple by design, and at the forefront of leading retail anti theft devices technology.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store for Alpha 2Alarm, Alpha 3Alarm, Alpha Fashion2, Alpha Jewel Lok, Alpha Nano Gate,  Alpha Shark Tag, Alpha Spider Wrap and other retail anti-theft devices from Alpha Security to use in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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