Keeping Up With the Crowd – Alpha 3 Alarm

I should begin by saying that our primary goal is always to recover the stolen merchandise. Of course we would really rather prevent shoplifting before it ever happens, but that’s another story.

Given the choice between recovering our product and apprehending and arresting a shoplifter, we will always get our product back first. It is purely a financial decision – we want to recover our financial loss. It was worse before we started using Alpha Security for our retail anti-theft devices.

We started to use Alpha 3 Alarm for the simple reason that it is easier to track down our merchandise. When a shoplifter steals an item, we have to wait until he exits our store before we can apprehend. Unfortunately, we now have to contend with all of the mall shoppers. If the shoplifter starts to run, they can easily get lost in the crowd. Most retail anti-theft devices only set off the alarm at the door, but nothing further

Not anymore though. The Alpha 3 Alarm gives an audible signal that lets us follow the product, even if the shoplifter discards the merchandise along the way. We can recover our product, even if the shoplifter manages to escape. The Alpha 3 Alarm continues to sound for up to 10 minutes after the retail anti-theft device has been activated.

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