Keep Your Jeans on (the Shelf)

Working retail Loss Prevention for over 6 years there are quite a few things you get tired of. You see a lot of the same things happen day in and day out and it seems like your company is never going to do anything about it. Makes you wonder how many more millions of dollars do we need to lose before someone starts to listen to us? We (loss prevention associates) are always begging for additional resources to prevent shoplifting with little to no help.  

 I think the thing I am most tired of is grab and runs. There is almost nothing you can do as loss prevention to stop or catch them. I have been tracking this case for over a month where a woman enters the store, fills up a bag, leaves it near the door and then goes to get her car. She then pulls up to the doors gets out, gets the bag and leaves. This is so frustrating. She knows that we have very little retail anti theft devices like EAS tags. She knows that only a few items have any kind of retail anti theft devices. She has been in the store enough to know exactly what does and does not have it. Without some additional resources how am I supposed to prevent shoplifting from people like her?

 If we were to use more retail anti theft devices on something basic as jeans we could prevent shoplifting a lot more then we are currently. Retail anti theft devices work if we allow them to. If we would EAS tag more items or use other devices we could make a huge impact on our bottom line. As a supervisor I am graded every year at review time on my stores shrink percent. It bothers me that I am not able to control that more. If it were up to me I would have every item in the store with some retail anti theft devices. Shoplifters already check items to see if they have any type of device on them and select those items when shoplifting. Why not stop them dead in their tracks and through some road blocks out there? They come in looking for jeans missing their tags let’s make sure they don’t find any. It’s really simple, use Retail anti theft devices; prevent shoplifting; keep our jeans.

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