Keep Shoplifters at Bay with Spider Wrap

Spring is well under way and so are many home improvement projects for homeowners.  The beginning of April through the Fourth of July weekend is the busiest time in the home improvement industry. Memorial Day weekend is often compared to Black Friday or Christmas. If stores fail to make their sales during these times, the entire year’s projections can be shot.

For many years I have managed loss prevention in home improvement stores to prevent shoplifting. I have learned that just as these busy seasons see an increase in sales, there is also a corresponding increase in shoplifters and shoplifting attempts.

Spider Wrap is one of the finest retail anti-theft devices that I have ever used to prevent shoplifting. Every store would greatly benefit from the use of spider wraps. They are criss-crossed wires with a center disc joining them as they wrap around a box. Spider Wrap holds the contents of a box inside the box and sounds an alarm if anyone attempts to tamper with the box.

Shoplifters are frequently not well prepared. There is no easy or simple way to deactivate the alarm when a shoplifter comes across Spider Wraps. It is the perfect deterrent because the last thing a shoplifter wants to do is draw attention. Keep it under wraps and your shoplifters at bay.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store to learn more about retail anti-theft devices used in conjunction with Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system which can help prevent shoplifting for your business.

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