Just use a little Finesse

When you work with pieces of jewelry, regardless of high end, fashion, one of a kind estate pieces, or costume, you know that you need to be extremely careful with those pieces.

 Most consumers who are looking to purchase a piece of jewelry will scrutinize every centimeter of that piece. They will hold it up to the light, turn it around in the air, and then look some more. Even the tiniest blemish will negate a potential sale.

 The last thing you want is to be trying to satisfy a customer, they finally decide to buy the jewelry and then your employee scratches or mars the jewelry in the checkout process.

 For some, this is a bigger issue for retail anti theft devices than whether or not it will prevent shoplifting. With Jewel Loks, your impeccable jewelry should remain blemish free.

 When I first saw the Jewel Loks, I worried that because they were so fool proof, they would be difficult to remove. If you have to fight with a Jewel Lok, you would run the risk of damaging your pieces.

 So I did a little research into the removal process. How simple it is! You don’t have to shake or wiggle or slide your jewelry. You delicately lay a piece on top of the detacher, and it does the work for you to easily slide the Jewel Loks off.

 All it takes is a little finesse and your jewelry is safely going home with your happy customer.

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