Jewelry- Pretty and Pretty Frustrating

As I look across my desk at work I see the usual suspects: Pen, paper, computer, half drank coffee cup, and empty packages. Lots of empty packages. I know that this is a normal sight for most LP or retail Managers. It’s hard to prevent shoplifting when things are so small and easily concealed. Things like the empty jewelry packages scattered daily across my desk.

 When you think of all the retail anti theft devices out there, most are not conducive to small packages or things like jewelry. Jewelry is it’s own special beast. Tiny loose pieces that are often open and hard to wrap, tag, sticker or clamp. The packaging is often what has the anti theft devices on it, which is why the packages are discarded by thieves.

 Well, now there is the Jewel Lok to save the day. Alpha Security has a few types of Jewel Loks to meet different criteria. They have Jewel Loks for stud and hoop earrings that attach directly onto the earring.

 They also have what is called a loose jewelry solution. It is a small clamp that is covered in plastic to avoid scraping the jewelry. It is easy to attach to things like bracelets or necklaces that would easily slide off their packages or hang tags.

 I know that once the new Jewel Loks are in place, there will be a drastic reduction on the amount of loss in that area. I also can’t wait to reduce the amount of clutter on my desk from stolen jewelry packages.

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