It’s a Wrap – Alpha 2 Alarm

Alpha Security created their Alpha 2 Alarm lanyard lock for more than just purses, even though this is one of the best uses for that particular type of EAS alarm.

The Alpha 2 Alarm is a versatile retail anti-theft device. It can prevent shoplifting of a wide variety of accessories. The lanyards are large enough to work with large totes and handbags. They are not so big that they would not work for the smaller wristlets that are in fashion right now. The lanyard can also be used for other suitcases and luggage.

The Alpha 2 Alarm retail anti-theft device is a small block (only a few inches long) that has a wire lanyard permanently attached at one end. The wire is a heavy-duty wire that prevents it from easily being cut. In order to protect your merchandise, the cable wire is covered in a protective coating. This makes sure the wire does not snag on any fabrics or decorative embellishments.

The other end of the wire remains loose until it is attached to the merchandise. Then the loose end is inserted into the block. There is a push button release for easy removal with a detacher at your POS.

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